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County Ordinances


County Roads and Rights-of-Way:

  • All structures or encroachments into a county right-of-way are potentially subject to regulation. If a structure or encroachment is deemed by the County Commissioner of the precinct to interfere with the reasonable and safe flow of traffic, then such structure or encroachment may be removed by the County at the landowners expense. Furthermore, intentionally, knowingly or recklessly obstructing a roadway is a Class B misdemeanor. 

  • Cooke County Thoroughfare Plan adopted by Commissioners Court on 2/17/17 

  • Driveway Application Form: To gain access onto a county road a driveway application form must be completed and returned to the Commissioner whose precinct the road is located. 
  • Road Bore Agreement or Road Cut Agreement: In general, for companies and contractors wishing to bore under or cut a county road, an agreement must be entered into with the County. Please contact and coordinate with the Commissioner whose precinct the road is located in prior to commencing the project.