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Voters may vote curbside

If you are physically unable to enter the polling place, you may ask for assistance by calling or texting. All Cooke County polling locations will have a reserved parking space for curbside voting with a sign displaying a phone number you can call or text to request curbside voting assistance. 
After you mark the ballot, give it to the election officer to put it in the ballot box, or hand it to someone who accompanied you to vote and they will be allowed to deposit in the ballot box for you. 
Occasionally, all election officers will be busy with inside voters and there could be a delay in getting to you, so we ask for your patience. If you haven’t been served for 10 minutes, feel free to call or text again.

For EARLY VOTING, the reserved curbside voter spot is located in the rear of the Courthouse Annex Building.  Look for the signs "Reserved for Curbside Voting". 



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