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Order Birth/Death Certificate Online 

Order Certificate by Mail:

All applications for certified copies of Birth and Death certificates which are MAILED INTO THE COUNTY CLERK'S OFFICE must be signed in front of a notary public, per Health and Safety Code, Sec. 195.003.  

When applying in person, the application does not require your signature to be notarized.


Birth Certificate:  $23.00 Per Copy
Death Certificate: $21.00 ($4.00 for each additional Copy)

No personal checks accepted for payment. Cashier’s Check or Money Order only.

*FAX requests are not accepted*

**NOTE: Must send copy of VALID Government-issued photo ID

Printable Mail-In Application:

Application and affidavit must be complete, with no blanks.  If not-applicable, write N/A in the blank.

Incomplete applications or affidavits will be returned.

Mail-In Application for Birth-Death Certificate (PDF)

The In-Person application is a different form and is available below and in the County Clerk’s office.
Application for Certified Copy of Birth or Death Certificate
(The form does not require notarization.)


  • Birth records are closed to the public until the 75th anniversary of the date the record is filed.
  • Death records are closed to the public until the 25th anniversary of the date the record is filed.
  • Only "qualified applicants" may receive copies of closed records.

Qualified Applicant:

Only a qualified applicant may obtain a copy of a birth or death certificate.  The following persons are qualified applicants: the person on the record or their parent, child, brother, sister, spouse, or grandparent.

A legal guardian or managing conservator, legal representative, person serving under contract for the registrant, or grandchild would be required to prove tangible interest.

All applicants must show proof of identification; see list below.

List of acceptable forms of identification

Matricular card is not an acceptable form of ID.

Records Available:
  1. Birth Certificates:
    Available from the remote access system from any county in Texas from 1926 to present IF the person was issued a birth certificate at birth. If a delayed birth certificate was issued later in life, those certificates are not available through the remote access and you would need to contact the county where the birth occurred.
  2. Death Certificates:
    Deaths in Cooke County are recorded from 1903 to present.  Death records are NOT available through the remote access system.  The certificate will be on file in the county where the person died. 

**NOTE: Must send copy of VALID Driver's License

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